Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Quick Question for Fellow Educators.... Please help.

So I am looking for a fun and helpful tool to help with classroom management.  I have seen and personally used a classroom mascot to help with classroom management that was attached to a point earning system.  I saw it working great with younger students (Grades 1-3), but I am now in a 5th grade classroom and would love to introduce a classroom mascot.  How can I do this without it being too "childish" for the students, AND how can I incorperate it in such a way that it can be helpful to classroom management?


  1. As a student (senior in high school), one of my teachers does this. Each lab table (groups of 4-5, 6 groups) come up with out own mascot. As our table collectively does something or all turn in an assignment, we get points towards our team. While we're not incredibly enthusiastic about it, I could see 5th graders doing it. The problem will be student grouping (I'm not sure if you prefer individuals or groups) and diversity among academic achievement and motivation, and having students be able to agree upon a mascot/team.

  2. Hello CheffingCellist,
    Thank you so much for your reply! I love point systems that do not point out individual students, so whole class points (for every turning in homework for a week and such) is a good idea. I already have a mascot, his name is Wade, he is an ugly doll, and the kids love him. I believe I was over thinking the whole thing, because students attached themselves to Wade almost instantly.

    Thanks again,
    Mr. V