Thursday, January 22, 2015

Week 2: The First Observation...

Today was my first observation by my college supervisor and.... it went surprisingly well.  Although I am very confident in my teaching ability at this point, having people observing me (my supervisor, my teacher, and a classroom para) while I was teaching my first lesson at a new school, was a bit nerve wracking.   My pacing was a bit off, and my waiting time (for letting students think about answers to questions I posed) were shorter than I would have liked.  The math block which I was teaching was shortened from 80 minutes to 55 minutes, and two students were unexpectedly pulled out for extra services.  This essentially meant that most of my typed out lesson plan was no longer applicable. Yet, I survived, I was able to think on my feet and pull out a good lesson that was both interesting and engaging.  Students showed progress in the content that was presented to them in theit exit tickets, and I even pulled out a "teaching moment."  The title of the activity was Pizza Picasso, and it had not come to my mind that students may not know who Pablo Picasso was.  I stopped the class and gained the student's attention and asked if anyone knew, and none of them had heard of him.  I took that time to look up one of Picasso's more appropriate works and explained to them why the activity was titled as such.  It took all of 2 minutes to do, and that simple act helped students connect more with their work.

So I guess my point is to keep your head up, keep on your toes, and have confidence in yourself.  Even will all that happened during my lesson, my supervisor, teacher and para thought it went great.

We can make it through this.

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